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Gangane S.D. (ed.) Human Genetics

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Gangane S.D. (ed.) Human Genetics
5th edition. — Elsevier, 2017. — 301 p. — ISBN 978-81-312-4870-6
The present edition is updated according to the syllabus for undergraduates, recommended by the Medical Council. of India.-This examination-friendly-book written in simple to-the-point is also useful for postgraduates, immunologists and geneticists. Revision in chapters on molecular genetics, chromosomal aberrations, modes of inheritance, population genetics, and genetic counselling to meet current advances in the field. Inclusion of new features such as learning objectives facilitate to focus on important facts and key words that form SAQ's in examinations.Addition of new figures and improvement in earlier diagrams to support the utility of this book.
Historical Gleanings
Molecular Genetics
Chromosomal Aberrations
Developmental Genetics
Modes of Inheritance
Biochemical Genetics
Genetics of Blood Groups
Cancer Genetics
Genetic Component in Common Diseases
Population Genetics
Prenatal Diagnosis
Genetic Counselling
Gene Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy
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