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Bluhm C., Overbeck L., Wagner C. An Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling

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Bluhm C., Overbeck L., Wagner C. An Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling
2nd ed. — CRC Press, 2010. — 384 p. — ISBN 978-1584889922.
The recent financial crisis has shown that credit risk in particular and finance in general remain important fields for the application of mathematical concepts to real-life situations. While continuing to focus on common mathematical approaches to model credit portfolios, Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling, Second Edition presents updates on model developments that have occurred since the publication of the best-selling first edition.
New to the Second Edition
An expanded section on techniques for the generation of loss distributions
Introductory sections on new topics, such as spectral risk measures, an axiomatic approach to capital allocation, and nonhomogeneous Markov chains
Updated sections on the probability of default, exposure-at-default, loss-given-default, and regulatory capital
A new section on multi-period models
Recent developments in structured credit
The financial crisis illustrated the importance of effectively communicating model outcomes and ensuring that the variation in results is clearly understood by decision makers. The crisis also showed that more modeling and more analysis are superior to only one model. This accessible, self-contained book recommends using a variety of models to shed light on different aspects of the true nature of a credit risk problem, thereby allowing the problem to be viewed from different angles.
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