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Karim Md.R., Islam M.A. Reliability and Survival Analysis

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Karim Md.R., Islam M.A. Reliability and Survival Analysis
Springer, 2019. — 259 p. — ISBN 978-981-13-9775-2.
This book presents and standardizes statistical models and methods that can be directly applied to both reliability and survival analysis. These two types of analysis are widely used in many fields, including engineering, management, medicine, actuarial science, the environmental sciences, and the life sciences. Though there are a number of books on reliability analysis and a handful on survival analysis, there are virtually no books on both topics and their overlapping concepts. Offering an essential textbook, this book will benefit students, researchers, and practitioners in reliability and survival analysis, reliability engineering, biostatistics, and the biomedical sciences.
Table of contents
Reliability and Survival Analyses: Concepts and Definitions
Some Important Functions and Their Relationships
Probability Distribution of Lifetimes: Uncensored
Censoring and Truncation Mechanisms
Nonparametric Methods
Probability Distribution of Lifetimes: Censored and Left Truncated
Regression Models
Generalized Linear Models
Basic Concepts of System Reliability
Quality Variation in Manufacturing and Maintenance Decision
Stochastic Models
Analysis of Big Data Using GLM
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