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Fericean S. Inductive Sensors for Industrial Applications

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Fericean S. Inductive Sensors for Industrial Applications
New York: Artech House Publishers, 2019. — 545 p.
This practical guide provides a comprehensive survey of all relevant inductive sensor classes for industrial applications in a single volume, from automotive use to white goods, covering design, fabrication, implementation, principles and functionality as well as standards and EMC requirements. The book addresses professional engineers and technicians, but is also accessible to students who require a solid basic knowledge of inductive sensors. Each chapter begins with classic, traditional explanations and gradually moves on to state-of- the art analog and digital solutions, including large-scale integrated systems-on-chip, software defined sensors SDS, digital signal synthesis, coils on silicon and active inductors. The book employs three modern analysis methods: analytic computation; popular graphical methods (phasor diagrams, phase plans, Smith charts, etc.) and computer assisted tools, like the electromagnetic field simulator, Maxwell, and the popular Spice simulator for electronic circuits. For traditional solutions, the chapters give overviews in tables with computation formulae (including empirical expressions). Numerical examples help the reader consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained. Concrete examples for currently available commercial parts are provided.
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