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Emrich Marco, Marit Christin. Learning JavaScript: The non-boring beginner's guide to modern (ES6+) JavaScript programming Vol 2: DOM manipulation

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Emrich Marco, Marit Christin. Learning JavaScript: The non-boring beginner's guide to modern (ES6+) JavaScript programming Vol 2: DOM manipulation
Nuremberg, Germany: The Open Web Learning Institute at Webmasters Akademie Nürnberg GmbH, 2018. — 317 p. — ISBN 978-1983138546, 1983138541.
DOM Manipulation in 2018
Manipulating HTML & CSS in browsers remains JavaScript's most important task.
This book explains how to make web pages more dynamic, interactive, and responsive. Allergic to web apps that reload with every click? You will learn how to create online applications that are easy and comfortable to use. You will also learn how to program interfaces for managing products, create dynamic tooltips, develop your own image galleries and much more.
Don't let ready-made web building kits or frameworks limit you. Use JavaScript to let your creativity flourish and turn your ideas into reality.
Just a few years ago, JQuery was undisputed leader in the field of DOM manipulation. In the meantime, however, JavaScript has caught up. Today, you can write highly concise and comprehensible code with pure JavaScript. In the past, programmers always had to take different browsers into account. Today’s browsers speak a common modern JavaScript and offer standardized DOM.
An essential foundation
If you are looking to create large single-page applications using frameworks such as Angular or React, it is essential that you understand the underlying browsers’ API. It will allow you to devise alternative solutions for when the frameworks reach their limit.
Modern syntax
This book uses the current ES6+/ES2018 syntax presented in Vol 1, enabling you to write very short, concise, and above all, well-readable code.
This latest, completely revised edition takes the latest JavaScript and browser developments into account. Here is an excerpt of the content:
Selecting HTML elements with querySelectorAll
DOM scripting: DOM creation, manipulation & traversal
Reading and modifying HTML attributes
Working with data attributes
CSS manipulation with the classList interface
CSS manipulation with the style object
Asynchronous and delayed loading of JavaScript files
Registering and handling events
Basic JavaScript knowledge (ES6+) is required. You can learn the basics in the first volume of this series.
OWL Step-by-Step Guides
OWL Step-by-Step Guides convey practical knowledge in a simple and understandable way. They are written based on teaching practice by experts from the renowned Open Web Learning Institute and conceived in such a way that you can put your own projects into practice. Knowledge tests and exercises serve to deepen and consolidate the newly acquired know-how.
This OWL Step-by-Step Guide is part of the online course "JavaScript" at OWL Institute but can also be used independently of the course. The online course offers additional benefits such as personal support, quizzes, assignments and and a final exam including an official certification. Check out https://owl.institute for additional information.
Marco Emrich holds a university degree in computer science, is a passionate trainer and advocate of the software craftsmanship
movement. He has wide experience as a software architect and developer in a variety of sectors. Marco heads the Web Engineering
department of the Webmasters Akademie in Nuremberg, Germany. He also lectures regularly, holds workshops at leading software
conferences and writes articles for technical journals. In his spare time, if he's not organizing meetings of the Softwerkskammer software
craftsmanship community, you'll probably find Marco teaching his son how to program robot turtles.
Christin Marit is a graduate social pedagogue with a multidisciplinary professional background. As an online-development specialist she has focussed on content-marketing and webdesign and has published extensively on these subjects in the role of teacher. She is purpose driven and a sharp analyst always aiming to blend her passion for photography and creative writing with her professional activities.
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