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Ayora-Diaz S.I. (Ed.) Taste, Politics, and Identities in Mexican Food

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Ayora-Diaz S.I. (Ed.) Taste, Politics, and Identities in Mexican Food
Bloomsbury Academic, 2019. — 240 p. — ISBN 978-1350066670.
This book examines the history, archaeology, and anthropology of Mexican taste. Contributors analyze how
the contemporary identity of Mexican food has been created and formed through concepts of taste, and how this national
identity is adapted and moulded through change and migration. Drawing on case studies with a focus on Mexico, but also
including Israel and the United States, the contributors examine how local and national identities, the global market
of gastronomic tourism, and historic transformations in trade, production, the kitchen space and appliances shape the taste
of Mexican food and drink.
Chapters include an exploration of the popularity of Mexican beer in the United States by Jeffrey M. Pilcher, an examination
of the experience of eating chapulines in Oaxaca by Paulette Schuster and Jeffrey H. Cohen, an investigation into
transformations of contemporary Yucatecan gastronomy by Steffan Igor Ayora-Diaz, and an afterword from Richard Wilk.
Together, the contributors demonstrate how taste itself is shaped through a history of social and cultural practices.Steffen Igor Ayora-Diaz is Professor of Anthropology at the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, Mexico. He was formerly President of the Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology. He is author of Foodscapes, Foodfields and Idenitities in Yucatan (2012), and editor of Cooking Technology (2016).
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