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Davydov A.S. Quantum Mechanics

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Davydov A.S. Quantum Mechanics
Textbook. — Oxford e.a.: Pergamon Press, 1965. — XIII + 680 p. — (International Series of Monographs in Natural Philosophy. Volume 1).
Translated, edited and with additions by D. Ter Haar.
    This is a translation from the Russian of Квантовая механика, published in Moscow, 1963, by Gosudarstvennoye Izdatel'stvo Fiziko-matematicheskoi Literatury, with revisions and additions by D. ter Haar.
    The book discusses the fundamental concepts and governing principles of quantum mechanics. The title details the physical ideas and the mathematical formalism of the quantum theory of the non-relativistic and quasi-relativistic motion of a single particle in an external field. The text first covers the basic concepts, and then proceeds to tackling the change of quantum states in time. Next, the selection examines the connection between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics. The book also discusses the simplest applications of quantum mechanics, along with the elementary representation theory.
    The book will be most useful to students of physics who are studying quantum mechanics. The text will also serve expert quantum physicists as a reference.
Table of Contents.
The Basic Concepts of Quantum Mechanics.
Change of Quantum States in Time.
The Connexion Between Quantum Mechanics and Classical Mechanics.
Elementary Representation Theory.
The Simplest Applications of Quantum Mechanics.
The Motion of a Particle in a Central Field of Force.
Approximate Methods for Evaluating Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions.
The Foundations of a Quasi-Relativistic Quantum Theory of the Motion of a Particle in an External Field.
The Theory of Quantum Transitions under the Influence of an External Perturbation.
Quantum Theory of Systems Consisting of Identical Particles.
Quantum Theory of Scattering.
Elementary Theory of Molecules and Chemical Bonds.
Basic Ideas of the Quantum Theory of the Solid State.
Second Quantisation of Systems of Identical Bosons.
Second Quantisation of Systems of Identical Fermions.
Mathematical Appendices.
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