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Orecchia F., Chiantini L. (eds.) Zero-dimensional schemes

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Orecchia F., Chiantini L. (eds.) Zero-dimensional schemes
Berlin: de Gruyter, 1994. — 348 p.
The International Conference on "Zero-Dimensional Schemes" was held in Ravello (Salerno) from June 8 to 13, 1992. This volume contains most of the lectures given at the Conference as well as papers grown up from discussions among participants. In addition we have inserted at the end of the volume a list of problems and questions; most of them were discussed during the conference.
Survey paper
Zero-dimensional schemes: Singular curves and rational surfaces
Duality, derivations and deformations of zero-dimensional singularities
On higher order embeddings and vector bundles
Singular curves on surfaces and linear systems
The strong Castelnuovo lemma for zero dimensional schemes
Hilbert functions of dots in linear general position
Curves of maximal genus in Pi
Graph curves, colorings, and matroids
Algorithms for constructing minimal generators of ideals of projective points E in polynomial time
Some applications of Castelnuovo theory via residuation
On the injectivity of the nodal map
Syzygies of points in projective space and applications
The zero dimensional scheme defined by the intersection of two curve singularities
Sharp bounds for the p-th module of syzygies of certain rational surfaces
Resolutions of O-dimensional subschemes of a smooth quadric
Points in uniform position and maximum distance separable codes
Points in good position in P2
The desingularization of Hilb4 P3 and its Betti numbers
Some applications of the canonical module of a O-dimensional scheme
Zero-dimensional schemes on abelian surfaces
Hypersurface sections of curves
On the computation of the height of an ideal in a polynomial ring
Generators of ideals of curves: some polynomial algorithms for their computation
Remarks on graded integral domains of dimension one over a finite field
Minimal polynomials and sparse resultants
Open problems
List of participants
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