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Leech Geoffrey, Svartvik Jan. A Communicative Grammar of English

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Leech Geoffrey, Svartvik Jan. A Communicative Grammar of English
Longman, 1975. — 304 p.
A Communicative Grammar of English by Geoffrey Leech and Jan Svartvik, first published in 1975, has established itself as a grammar innovative in approach, reliable in coverage, and clear in its explanations. Now this fully revised and redesigned third edition provides an up-to-date and accessible resource for teachers, advanced learners and undergraduate students of English. Accompanying this third edition, there is a completely new Workbook co-authored by ELT specialists Edward Woods and Rudy Coppieters, which will help students to 'internalise' the contents of the grammar.
A Communicative Grammar of English employs a communicative rather than a structural approach to the learning of English grammar. This edition is divided into three parts. Part One: A guide to the use of this book - looks at the way English grammar varies in different types of English, for example 'formal' and 'informal', 'spoken' and 'written'. Part Two: Grammar in use - the central and largest part of the book, presents grammar through the eyes of the communicator and focuses on the uses of grammar rather than on grammatical structure. Part Three: A-Z in English grammar - provides a useful and alphabetically arranged guide to English grammar. This new edition includes more real examples taken from corpus data. Increased emphasis is given to grammar in spoken language, providing a better balance between written and spoken English.
A guide to the use of this book
Grammar in use
Information, reality and belief
Mood, emotion and attitude
Meanings in connected discourse
A-Z in English grammar
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