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Pierce A.D. Acoustics: An Introduction to Its Physical Principles and Applications

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Pierce A.D. Acoustics: An Introduction to Its Physical Principles and Applications
3rd Edition. — Springer, 2019. — 797 p. — ISBN 3030112136.
This corrected version of the landmark 1981 textbook introduces the physical principles and theoretical basis of acoustics with deep mathematical rigor, concentrating on concepts and points of view that have proven useful in applications such as noise control, underwater sound, architectural acoustics, audio engineering, nondestructive testing, remote sensing, and medical ultrasonics.
Since its publication, this text has been used as part of numerous acoustics-related courses across the world, and continues to be used widely today. During its writing, the book was fine-tuned according to insights gleaned from a broad range of classroom settings. Its careful design supports students in their pursuit of a firm foundation while allowing flexibility in course structure. The book can easily be used in single-term or full-year graduate courses and includes problems and answers. This rigorous and essential text is a must-have for any practicing or aspiring acoustician.
Table of contents
The Wave Theory of Sound
Quantitative Measures of Sound
Reflection, Transmission, and Excitation of Plane Waves
Radiation from Vibrating Bodies
Radiation from Sources Near and on Solid Surfaces
Room Acoustics
Low-Frequency Models of Sound Transmission
Ray Acoustics
Scattering and Diffraction
Effects of Viscosity and Other Dissipative Processes
Nonlinear Effects in Sound Propagation
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