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Braithwaite R. JavaScript Allongé

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Braithwaite R. JavaScript Allongé
6th ed. — Leanpub.com, 2019. — 510 p.
JavaScript Allongé is a first and foremost, a book about programming with functions . It’s written in JavaScript, because JavaScript hits the perfect sweet spot of being both widely used, and of having proper first-class functions with lexical scope. If those terms seem unfamiliar, don’t worry: JavaScript Allongé takes great delight in explaining what they mean and why they matter. JavaScript Allongé begins at the beginning, with values and expressions, and builds from there to discuss types, identity, functions, closures, scopes, collections, iterators, and many more subjects up to working with classes and instances. It also provides recipes for using functions to write software that is simpler, cleaner, and less complicated than alternative approaches that are object-centric or code-centric. JavaScript idioms like function combinators and decorators leverage JavaScript’s power to make code easier to read, modify, debug and refactor. JavaScript Allongé teaches you how to handle complex code, and it also teaches you how to simplify code without dumbing it down. As a result, JavaScript Allongé is a rich read releasing many of JavaScript’s subtleties, much like the Café Allongé beloved by coffee enthusiasts everywhere.
why the six edition ?
ECMAScript 2015 (formerly called ECMAScript 6 or “ES6”), is ushering in a very large number of improvements to the way programmers can write small, powerful components and combine them into larger, fully featured programs. Features like destructuring, block-structured variables, iterables, generators, and the class keyword are poised to make JavaScript programming more expressive. Prior to ECMAScript 2015, JavaScript did not include many features that programmers have discovered are vital to writing great software. For example, JavaScript did not include block-structured variables. Over time, programmers discovered ways to roll their own versions of important features. Thus, the six edition introduces classes and mixins. It introduces the notion of implementing private properties with symbols. It introduces iterators and generators. But the common thread that runs through all these things is that since they are all simple objects and simple functions, we can use the same set of “programming with functions” techniques to build programs by composing small, flexible, and decoupled entities. We just call some of those functions constructors, others decorators, others functional mixins, and yet others, policies.
About the cover: Café Allongé, also called Espresso Lungo, is a drink midway between an Espresso and Americano in strength !
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