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Vickers Graham. Chasing Lolita: how popular culture corrupted Nabokov's little girl all over again

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Vickers Graham. Chasing Lolita: how popular culture corrupted Nabokov's little girl all over again
Chicago: Chicago Review Press, 2008. — 256 p. — ISBN 978-1-55652-682-4.
From Publishers Weekly: «For 50 years, the nymphet Lolita (whose real name is Dolores Haze) has existed in the collective imagination. This sleek and knowing book takes an activist approach rather than a voyeuristic one to search out, first, the sources of Nabokov's once-censored novel, and then its impact and all the misunderstandings surrounding his celebrated character. Vickers examines the possible sources of inspiration, from Alice Liddell of Lewis Carroll fame to Fanny Brice's Baby Snooks; from an obscure German writer with the suggestive name von Lichberg to Edgar Allan Poe; from Chaplin's life story to a then unpublished novella by Nabokov himself. Most of the book is a romp through popular culture: the Stanley Kubrick film and Adrian Lyne's remake—the release unfortunately coincided with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey—as well as dismal stage adaptations; Brooke Shields's roles and ads and Japanese gothic Lolita fashion. Vickers succeeds admirably and entertainingly in his goal of separating Nabokov's character from the many copied and counterfeited Lolitas.»
The Real Life of Dolores Haze: Just the Facts.
Casebooks and Fantasies: Dolores Haze’s Oft-Told Tale.
A Very 1950s Scandal: Hurricane Lolita.
Lolita in Movieland 1: Little Victims and Little Princesses.
Lolita in Movieland 2: “Pedophilia Is a Hard Sell”.
On the Road: Lolita’s Moving Prison.
Take One: How Did They Ever Make a Film of Lolita?
Dramatic Arts: Lolita Center Stage.
The Spirit of Free Enterprise: Every Foul Poster.
Tabloids and Factoids: The Press and Lolita.
Take Two: Once More, with Feeling.
Blood Sisters: Some Responses to Lolita.
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