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Rescher Nicholas. A Journey through Philosophy in 101 Anecdotes

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Rescher Nicholas. A Journey through Philosophy in 101 Anecdotes
Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015. — 303 p. — ISBN 0-8229-6335-3, 978-0-8229-6335-6.
Nicholas Rescher, a German-American philosopher at the University of Pittsburgh, presents the first comprehensive chronology of philosophical anecdotes, spanning from antiquity to the current era. He introduces us to the major thinkers, texts, and historical periods of Western philosophy, recounting many of the stories philosophers have used over time to engage with issues of philosophical concern: questions of meaning, truth, knowledge, value, action, and ethics. Rescher’s anecdotes touch on a wide range of themes — from logic to epistemology, ethics to metaphysics — and offer much insight into the breadth and depth of philosophical inquiry. This book illustrates the various ways philosophers throughout history have viewed the issues in their field, and how anecdotes can work to inform and encourage philosophical thought.
Thematic clusters.
Antiquity to 500 AD.
The Middle Ages, 500-1500.
Early Modernity, 1500-1800.
The Recent Past, 1800-1900.
The Current Era, 1900 to the present.
Index of names.
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