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Miller Charles M. The Construction and flying of kites

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Miller Charles M. The Construction and flying of kites
Peoria: The Manual Arts Press, 1909. — 34 p.
Kite making and kite flying has received a great impetus the last few years as the result of the efforts of some of the boys who have "older grown." Men of science have found some very practical uses for the frail structures of the air. These men have not only performed certain experiments by means of kites, but have developed considerable aerial craftsmanship. ... The kites of to-day are more scientific and more difficult of construction as well, but when a boy sees they are possible to construct, and that other boys have constructed them, he is tempted to try. "What another boy has done, I can do." It is an old saying, and one not sufficiently used, "It is good to put temptation to work in the boy's way."
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