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Chartrand G., Egan C., Zhang P. How to Label a Graph

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Chartrand G., Egan C., Zhang P. How to Label a Graph
Springer, 2019. — 97 p. — (Springer Briefs in Mathematics). — ISBN 303016862X.
This book depicts graph labelings that have led to thought-provoking problems and conjectures. Problems and conjectures in graceful labelings, harmonious labelings, prime labelings, additive labelings, and zonal labelings are introduced with fundamentals, examples, and illustrations. A new labeling with a connection to the four color theorem is described to aid mathematicians to initiate new methods and techniques to study classical coloring problems from a new perspective. Researchers and graduate students interested in graph labelings will find the concepts and problems featured in this book valuable for finding new areas of research.
Graceful Labelings.
Harmonious Labelings.
Prime Labelings.
Additive Labelings.
Zonal Labelings.
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