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Dupourque E., Planchet F., Sator N. (eds.) Actuarial Aspects of Long Term Care

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Dupourque E., Planchet F., Sator N. (eds.) Actuarial Aspects of Long Term Care
Springer, 2019. — 340 p. — (Springer Actuarial). — ISBN 978-3-030-05659-9.
This book proposes a review of Long-Term Care insurance; this issue is addressed both from a global point of view (through a presentation of the risk of dependence associated with the aging of the population) and an actuarial point of view (with the presentation of existing insurance products and actuarial techniques for pricing and reserving).
It proposes a cross-view of American and European experiences for this risk.
This book is the first dedicated entirely to long-term care insurance and aims to provide a useful reference for all actuaries facing this issue. It is intended for both professionals and academics.
Table of contents.
Interactions of LTC Morbidity and Mortality.
Long Term Care in the United States.
Long Term Care in France.
Measuring Long-Term Insurance Contract Biometric Risks.
Pricing and Reserving in LTC Insurance.
Construction of an Economic Balance Sheet and Solvency Capital Requirement Calculation in Solvency 2.
Solvency Capital for Long Term Care Insurance in the United States.
Impact of Reinsurance: Qualitative Aspects.
Impact of Reinsurance: Quantitative Aspects.
Solvency II Own Risk and Solvency Assessment for Long Term Care Insurance.
An ERM Approach to Long Term Care Insurance Risks.
On Long Term Care.
Predictive Analytics in Long Term Care.
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