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Portis E., Acquadro A., Lanteri S. (Eds.) The Globe Artichoke Genome

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Portis E., Acquadro A., Lanteri S. (Eds.) The Globe Artichoke Genome
Springer, 2019. — 238 p. — ISBN 978-3-030-20011-4.
This book presents the latest information on the genetics and genomics of the globe artichoke. It focuses on the latest findings, tools and strategies employed in genome sequencing, physical map development and QTL analyses, as well as genomic resources. The re-sequencing of four globe artichoke genotypes, representative of the core varietal types in cultivation, as well as the genotype of cultivated cardoon, has recently been completed. Here, the five genomes are reconstructed at the chromosome scale and annotated. Moreover, functional SNP analyses highlight numerous genetic variants, which represent key tools for dissecting the path from sequence variation to phenotype, as well as for designing effective diagnostic markers.
The wealth of information provided here offers a valuable asset for scientists, plant breeders and students alike.
Table of contents
Cynara cardunculus L.: Historical and Economic Importance, Botanical Descriptions, Genetic Resources and Traditional Uses
Cynara cardunculus Propagation
Globe Artichoke Tissue Culture and Its Biotechnological Application
Cynara cardunculus as a Multiuse Crop
Bio-active Compounds and Their Synthetic Pathway
Genetics and Breeding
Insights into the Population Structure and Association Mapping in Globe Artichoke
Cytological and Molecular Cytogenetic Insights into the Cynara cardunculus Genome
The Chloroplast Genome
Genome Resequencing
Genome Database (www.artichokegenome.unito.it)
Future Prospects
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