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Facey Karen M., Hansen Helle Ploug, Single A.N.V. (eds.) Patient Involvement in Health Technology Assessment

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Facey Karen M., Hansen Helle Ploug, Single A.N.V. (eds.) Patient Involvement in Health Technology Assessment
Springer, 2017. — 431 p. — ISBN 978-981-10-4067-2
This is the first book to offer a comprehensive guide to involving patients in health technology assessment (HTA). Defining patient involvement as patient participation in the HTA process and research into patient aspects, this book includes detailed explanations of approaches to participation and research, as well as case studies. Patient Involvement in HTA enables researchers, postgraduate students, HTA professionals and experts in the HTA community to study these complementary ways of taking account of patients’ knowledge, experiences, needs and preferences.Part I includes chapters discussing the ethical rationale, terminology, patient-based evidence, participation and patient input. Part II sets out methodology including: Qualitative Evidence Synthesis, Discrete Choice Experiments, Analytical Hierarchy Processes, Ethnographic Fieldwork, Deliberative Methods, Social Media Analysis, Patient-Reported Outcome Measures, patients as collaborative research partners and evaluation. Part III contains 15 case studies setting out current activities by HTA bodies on five continents, health technology developers and patient organisations. Each part includes discussion chapters from leading experts in patient involvement. A final chapter reflects on the need to clearly define the goals for patient involvement within the context of the HTA to identify the optimal approach.With cohesive contributions from more than 80 authors from a variety of disciplines around the globe, it is hoped this book will serve as a catalyst for collaboration to further develop patient involvement to improve HTA.
Health Technology Assessment
Exploring Ethical Rationales
Reflections on Terms, Goals and Organisation
Patient-Based Evidence in HTA
Developing the Mosaic of Patient Participation in HTA
Patient Input to HTA
Discussion: Attending to Values and Quality of Patient Involvement in HTA
Patients as Collaborative Partners in Clinical Research to Inform HTA
Developing Patient-Reported and Relevant Outcome Measures
Discrete Choice Experiments
Analytic Hierarchy Process
Ethnographic Fieldwork
Deliberative Methods to Involve Patients in HTA
Analysis of Social Media
Qualitative Evidence Synthesis
Evaluation of Patient Involvement in HTA
Discussion: Making Sense of Patients’ Perspectives, Experiences, and Preferences in HTA
Discussion: Research to Promote Patient-Based HTA
Country Approaches and Stakeholder Views
EUnetHTA: Patients’ Perspectives in the HTA Core Model
USA: Comparative Effectiveness Research
Discussion of Approaches in Different Countries
Discussion: Patient Participation in HTA—Evidence of Real Change?
Patient Involvement in Medicine Development and Assessment
Medical Technologies: Involving Patients in Development and Assessment
Role of Patient Organisations
Discussion: Perspective of an HTA Appraisal Committee Chair
Reflections for Future Development
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