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Jiménez A., Peltzer M., Ruseckaite R. (eds.) Poly(lactic acid) Science and Technology: Processing, Properties, Additives and Applications

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Jiménez A., Peltzer M., Ruseckaite R. (eds.) Poly(lactic acid) Science and Technology: Processing, Properties, Additives and Applications
The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015. – 372 p. – (RSC Polymer Chemistry Series 12) ISBN 978-1-84973-879-8.
Biodegradable polymers from renewable resources are sought after for many purposes, from packaging materials in food to biomedical applications. Poly (lactic acid) (PLA) is a well-known biopolymer derived from corn starch or sugar cane used in different food packaging and artificial bones and scaffolds.
Poly(lactic acid) Science and Technology first introduces the basic concepts of PLA and then covers PLA synthesis and polymerization, processing, characterization and physical properties of PLA, PLA-based nano-biocomposites, the main applications in active packaging and as biomaterials for tissue engineering, degradation and biodegradation of PLA and finally industrial and legislative issues. This interdisciplinary approach provides readers with a general overview of all relevant aspects related to PLA including fundamental issues, innovative applications, new types of processing and emerging applications, modification of PLA, life cycle assessment, bio-additives, bio/degradation and sustainability and international regulations.
Experts provide a complete resource and whole perspective on PLA covering scientific, ecological, social and economic issues. The book will appeal to chemists, food technologists and materials engineers as well as researchers interested in bio-based and biodegradable polymers and composites.
PLA Synthesis and Polymerization.
PLA Synthesis. From the Monomer to the Polymer.
Polylactide Stereo-complex: From Principles to Applications.
Crystallization of PLA-based Materials.
Processing, Characterization and Physical Properties of PLA.
Reactive Extrusion of PLA-based Materials: from Synthesis to Reactive Melt-blending.
Plasticization of Poly(lactide).
Electrospinning of PLA.
Modification of PLA by Blending with Elastomers.
PLA-based Nano-biocomposites.
Polylactide (PLA)/Clay Nano-biocomposites.
PLA-nanocellulose Biocomposites.
PLA Main Applications.
PLA and Active Packaging.
Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Based on Nano-structured Poly(Lactic Acid).
Degradation and Biodegradation of PLA.
Abiotic-hydrolytic Degradation of Poly(lactic acid).
Industrial and Legislative Issues.
Industrial Uses of PLA.
Legislation Related to PLA.
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