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Ter Haar D. Selected problems in quantum mechanics

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Ter Haar D. Selected problems in quantum mechanics
Infosearch Limited London, 1964. — 431 p.
A wide-ranging collection of problems and solutions related to quantum mechanics, this text will be useful to students pursuing an advanced degree in physics. Topics include one-dimensional motion, tunnel effect, commutation relations, Heisenberg relations, spreading of wave packets, operators, angular momentum, spin, central field of force, motion of particles in a magnetic field, atoms, scattering, creation and annihilation operators, density matrix, relativistic wave equations, and many other subjects.
Suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of physics, this third edition was edited by Dirk ter Haar, a Fellow of Magdalen College and Reader in Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford. This enlarged and revised edition includes additional problems from Oxford University Examination papers. The book can be used either in conjunction with another text or as advanced reading for anyone familiar with the basic ideas of quantum mechanics.
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