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Squires L.G. Problems in quantum mechanics with solutions

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Squires L.G. Problems in quantum mechanics with solutions
Cambridge University Press , 2003. - 268p. - ISBN 0 521 37245 3
Problem solving in physics is not simply a test of understanding the subject, but is an integral part of learning it. In this book, the basic ideas and methods of quantum mechanics are illustrated by means of a carefully chosen set of problems, complete with detailed, step-by-step solutions. After a preliminary chapter on orders of magnitude, a variety of topics is covered, including the postulates of quantum mechanics. Schrodinger's equation, angular momentum, the hydrogen atom, the harmonic oscillator, spin, time-independent and time-dependent perturbation theory, the variational method, identical particles, multielectron atoms, transitions and scattering. Most of the chapters start with a summary of the relevant theory outlining the required background for a given group of problems. Considerable emphasis is placed on examples from atomic, solid-state and nuclear physics, particularly in the latter part of the book as the student's familiarity with the concepts and techniques increases.
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