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Chamberlin S.A., Sriraman B. (Eds.) Affect in Mathematical Modeling

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Chamberlin S.A., Sriraman B. (Eds.) Affect in Mathematical Modeling
Springer, 2019. — 332 p. — (Advances in Mathematics Education). — ISBN 3030044319.
In the book, the relationship between affect and modeling is discussed because, as educational psychologists have suggested for decades, affect directly influences achievement. Moreover, given the importance of mathematical modeling and the applications to high level mathematics, it provides the field of mathematics psychology with insight regarding affect, in relation to mathematical modeling. By doing so it helps determine the degree to which understanding of mathematics and understanding affect in mathematical modeling episodes may have a direct effect on cognition.
Table of contents
Commentary on Affect, Cognition and Metacognition in Mathematical Modelling
The Construct of Affect in Mathematical Modeling
Metacognition in Mathematical Modeling – An Overview
Principles for Designing Research Settings to Study Spontaneous Metacognitive Activity
Engagement Structures and the Development of Mathematical Ideas
The What and the Why of Modeling
Engaging Students in Mathematical Modeling: Themes and Issues
Exploring a Conative Perspective on Mathematical Engagement
Exploring Teacher’s Epistemic Beliefs and Emotions in Inquiry-Based Teaching of Mathematics
Mathematics Learning Experiences: The Practice of Happiness and the Happiness of Practice
Development of Modelling Routines and Its Relation to Identity Construction
Commentary on Part III: Connections to Theory and Practice
Commentary: Flow and Mathematical Modelling: Issues of Balance
The Complex Relationship Between Mathematical Modeling and Attitude Towards Mathematics
Teaching Modelling Problems and Its Effects on Students’ Engagement and Attitude Toward Mathematics
Affect and Mathematical Modeling Assessment: A Case Study on Engineering Students’ Experience of Challenge and Flow During a Compulsory Mathematical Modeling Task
Flow and Modelling
A Coda on Affect
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