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Angelini L. Solved Problems in Quantum Mechanics

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Angelini L. Solved Problems in Quantum Mechanics
2nd Edition, 2019. — 257 p. — (UNITEXT for Physics). — ISBN 978-3-030-18403-2.
This book presents a large collection of problems in Quantum Mechanics that are solvable within a limited time and using simple mathematics. The problems test both the student’s understanding of each topic and their ability to apply this understanding concretely.
Solutions to the problems are provided in detail, eliminating only the simplest steps. No problem has been included that requires knowledge of mathematical methods not covered in standard courses, such as Fuchsian differential equations.
The book is in particular designed to assist all students who are preparing for written examinations in Quantum Mechanics, but will also be very useful for teachers who have to pose problems to their students in lessons and examinations.
Table of contents
Operators and Wave Functions
One-Dimensional Systems
Two and Three-Dimensional Systems
Time Evolution
Time-Independent Perturbation Theory
Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory
Identical Particles
Scattering (Born Approximation)
WKB Approximation
Variational Method
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