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Hashimoto K. Global Carbon Dioxide Recycling: For Global Sustainable Development by Renewable Energy

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Hashimoto K. Global Carbon Dioxide Recycling: For Global Sustainable Development by Renewable Energy
Springer, 2019. — 98 p. — (SpringerBriefs in Energy). — ISBN 9811385831.
This brief describes the current critical situation of global warming and shows its solution by renewable energy use. The author has long studied the development of new materials with chemical functions and is renowned as the first advocate of power-to-gas. He established the technology to convert renewable energy to synthesized natural gas, methane by electrolytic hydrogen generation using surplus electricity from renewable energy, and subsequent methanation of carbon dioxide by reaction with hydrogen.
In the first part of this brief, data on global warming and energy consumption are shown and analyzed from the author's keen point of view. The second part introduces the author's research results on key materials for global carbon dioxide recycling and constructed pilot plants based on them. Finally, an evidence-based solution to maintain sustainable development by using only renewable energy is described as a future prospect.
This book is useful not only for researchers and students studying chemical engineering, materials, or energy, but also for general citizens who are interested in the global environment.
The Gift of Our Planet.
The Dream of a Hydrogen Energy-Based Society.
Global Temperature and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration.
The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming.
Current Situation of Energy Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Our World.
The Future of Energy Consumption.
Nuclear Power Generation.
For Sustainable Development of the Whole World.
Global Carbon Dioxide Recycling.
Key Materials for Global Carbon Dioxide Recycling.
Prototype Plant and Pilot Plant.
Bright Future Prospect.
Hydrogen as Fuel.
Local Self Power Supply Systems and Power Supply to the Outside.
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