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Basdevant J.-L., Dalibard J. The Quantum Mechanics Solver: How to Apply Quantum Theory to Modern Physics

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Basdevant J.-L., Dalibard J. The Quantum Mechanics Solver: How to Apply Quantum Theory to Modern Physics
3rd Edition. — Springer, 2019. — 343 p. — ISBN 3030137236.
This textbook presents problems with detailed solutions showing how to apply quantum theory to modern physics. The text is divided in three parts, the first dealing with elementary particles, nuclei and atoms, the second presents quantum entanglement and measurement. Finally complex systems are examinated in depth. The aim of the text is to guide the student towards applying quantum mechanics to research problems. Advanced undergraduates and graduate students will find a rich and challenging source for improving their skills.
This new edition has been extended with sections on neutrino oscillations, quantized vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates, quantum correlations in multi-particle systems, Bloch oscillations in periodic lattices and non-destructive quantum measurements.
Table of contents
Matter-Wave Interferences with Molecules
Neutron Interferometry
Analysis of a Stern–Gerlach Experiment
Spectroscopic Measurements on a Neutron Beam
Measuring the Electron Magnetic Moment Anomaly
Atomic Clocks
The Spectrum of Positronium
Neutrino Transformations in the Sun
The Hydrogen Atom in Crossed Fields
Energy Loss of Ions in Matter
The EPR Problem and Bell’s Inequality
Quantum Correlations in a Multi-particle System
A Non-destructive Bomb Detector
Direct Observation of Field Quantization
Schrödinger’s Cat
Quantum Cryptography
Ideal Quantum Measurement
The Quantum Eraser
A Quantum Thermometer
Laser Cooling and Trapping
Exact Results for the Three-Body Problem
Properties of a Bose–Einstein Condensate
Quantized Vortices
Motion in a Periodic Potential and Bloch Oscillations
Magnetic Excitons
A Quantum Box
Colored Molecular Ions
Hyperfine Structure in Electron Spin Resonance
Probing Matter with Positive Muons
Quantum Reflection of Atoms from a Surface
Appendix: Memento of Quantum Mechanics
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