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Germain C.B. Programming the IBM 360

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Germain C.B. Programming the IBM 360
Englewood: Prentice Hall, 1967. — 388 p.
This book is intended as a text for the student who must learn to program the IBM System/360. It may be used either as a classroom text or for independent self study.
No previous knowledge of punched cards is presumed. Apart from some of the problems, the book presumes no knowledge of mathematics beyond high school algebra. Both business and scientific applications are included; problems are provided in both areas.
The topics are presented in the order in which they are most often covered. As far as practical, the coverages of PL/I, Fortran, COBOL, and Assembly Language are independent of each other so that the reader may omit topics at will.
The book is written for the 360 Models 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, 75, and 85. It can be used with the Models 44, 67, 91, and 95, but the text does not point out which instructions are not found on the Model 44, or which interrupts are imprecise on the Models 91 and 95. The storage channel on Models 91 and 95, the special features available only on the Model 44, and the special time sharing features on the Model 67 are not covered. No attempt has been made to cover the Model 20.
In general, the Disk Operating System and Operating System/360 features are covered in separate sections, so that the reader may elect to bypass those sections with which he is not concerned. The Tape Operating System and the Basic Operating system are fully covered. Partial coverage is given to the Basic Programming Support. The Model 44 Programming System and the Time Sharing System are not covered, although they are similar in most respects to Operating System/360.
It is the purpose of this book to bring the reader up to the point where he can profitably read the various IBM manuals. Thus, no attempt has been made to cover every feature in the programming languages.
Besides the text, the student should supply himself with a flowcharting template and with appropriate coding sheets. The use of special card electros has also been found helpful. If possible, a reasonably complete set of IBM manuals on the 360 should be available.
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