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Belanger Pierre. Landscape as Infrastructure: A Base Primer

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Belanger Pierre. Landscape as Infrastructure: A Base Primer
Routledge, 2016. — 508 р. — ISBN 978-1138643925.
As ecology becomes the new engineering, the projection of landscape as infrastructure?the contemporary alignment of the disciplines of landscape architecture, civil engineering, and urban planning? has become pressing. Predominant challenges facing urban regions and territories today?including shifting climates, material flows, and population mobilities, are addressed and strategized here. Responding to the under-performance of master planning and over-exertion of technological systems at the end of twentieth century, this book argues for the strategic design of "infrastructural ecologies," describing a synthetic landscape of living, biophysical systems that operate as urban infrastructures to shape and direct the future of urban economies and cultures into the 21st century.
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