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Ziock K. Basic Quantum Mechanics

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Ziock K. Basic Quantum Mechanics
John Wiley Sons, 1969. - 283p.
This volume is the result of a one-semester course in quantum mechanics
that I taught at the University of Virginia. The course was taken by physics
majors in their senior year and by graduate students from other departments,
mainly electrical engineering and astronomy.
The material presented somewhat exceeds what can be taught during one
semester. When presented in class the chapter on scattering could obviously
be left out. If scattering theory is desired, one could leave out Chapters
11 and 12.
The basic ideas, theorems, and techniques of quantum mechanics are
developed along familiar lines. They are applied, whenever possible, to real
physical systems which, at the level of this book, necessitates an emphasis on
the physics of the hydrogenlike atoms.
A look at the table of contents shows that problems related to the hyperfine
structure of hydrogen and positronium have been given much more emphasis
than is customary in texts at this level. This has been done for the following
reason: the hyperfine structure and its Zeeman effect offer a unique opportunity
to demonstrate stationary and time-dependent perturbation theory and
such abstract concepts as the mixing of states in actual physical systems of
current research interest, yet with a minimum of mathematical difficulties.
Matrices can be diagonalized exactly, summations usually run only over
two values of the summation index, and orthogonality and normalization
do not require integration over all space but are immediately obvious from
the properties of the two dimensional state vectors involved.
lowe a debt of gratitude to Professor J. Eisenberg for numerous enlightening
and enjoyable discussions.
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