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Sagan H. Integral and differential calculus: an intuitive approach

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Sagan H. Integral and differential calculus: an intuitive approach
John Wiley Sons Inc, 1962. — 340 p.
This book is designed as a one-semester course for students of varying backgrounds. Those who wish to take this course with a reasonable chance to succeed should be familiar with elementary algebraic techniques as provided by a good high school preparation or a one-semester course customarily called College Algebra. Chapter I introduces as much analytic geometry as is needed in the sequel. Certain parts, e.g., the section on the quadratic equation (Sect. 9) can be omitted if this is warranted by the students' background. Appendix III is devoted to an introduction to trigonometry. This Appendix III should be taken up between Chapter II and Chapter III, if needed.
This book is intended for students who take the second semester of a one-year terminal course in mathematics as well as high school teachers of a specific category who attend refresher courses or summer institutes.
This "specific category" embraces high school teachers who never had a formal course in calculus, or had a standard calculus course and either
did not derive much profit from it or quickly forgot most of it, and are now called upon to teach the calculus in high school.
Lastly, this text is designed for a calculus course as offered by many high schools as part of an accelerated sequence for students of exceptional ability.
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