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Moon Jayne. Сhildren Learning English

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Moon Jayne. Сhildren Learning English
Macmillan, 2000. — 192 p. — ISBN-10: 043524096X, ISBN-13: 978-0435240967
Children Learning English will help you to:
get insight into the special characteristics, abilities and attitudes children bring to the classroom;
think about how you can learn from children and make use of this information in planning your teaching and your work with children;
adopt ideas and frameworks for teaching English to you young learners.
About the author
The Teacher Development Series
Introduction to Children Learning English
Сhildren learning English
Do you like learning English
Are they the same
We've found our partners, Miss
Who has some good news for today?
Do you need a hand?
Can we do"Poker face" again, Miss?
Why did I do it like this?
What's your topic?
Can we make a spinner?
Learning to see
How can I be a better language learner?
Looking forwards
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