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Duda J. The Knight’s Sword of Baltimore

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Duda J. The Knight’s Sword of Baltimore
Place of printing unknown, 2018. — 9 p.
I’m always on the lookout for any item that is “Confederate” Maryland related or tells more about the story of the people that were “pro South”. So one day about 2 years ago, I came across a unique sword at a local shop. It was a rare US Model 1850 sword made by Canfield Brother & Company of Baltimore. Instantly I was intrigued as it was made in Baltimore. Many existing swords made in Baltimore, especially by Canfield Brother & Company, is rare to begin with. It is a beautiful sword with common etching normally found on 1850 models of the time. It has flags and drums etched on the blade near the “ricasso” along with “US” on the “fuller” portion on blade on the one side. It also has engraved “C.B. & Co. Balt.” on the ricasso by the “chappe”. On the reverse side of blade, I was surprised to see an image engraved that was certainly unusual and one that I’ve never seen on a sword. In the location where you would typically find the “National Eagle” engraved, the sword has a skull and crossbones etched on blade. I was in amazement. I held the sword for a while, but talked myself out of purchasing it at that time.
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