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Hardy Robert. Longbow: A Social and Military History

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Hardy Robert. Longbow: A Social and Military History
5th Edition — Haynes Publishing, 2012. — 244 p.
Robert Hardy’s Longbow, which has achieved an enviable reputation as a classic book on the subject, tells the story of this weapon throughout British history with drama, vigor and enthusiasm. As well as describing the Longbow’s colourful past in battles such as Crécy, Poitiers and Agincourt, and in the Robin Hood legend and the Wars of the Roses, the book includes information on the archers themselves and their equipment, training, way of life and terms of service.
Robert Hardy (1925-2017) is famous for appearing in 'All Creatures Great and Small' and the 'Harry Potter' films. Away from acting, he is an acknowledged expert on archery. He is at Trustee of the Royal Armouries at HM Tower of London and of the Mary Rose Trust and is the author of The Great Warbow (with Matthew Strickland).
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