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Harlan C.A. Global Health Nursing: Narratives From the Field

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Harlan C.A. Global Health Nursing: Narratives From the Field
Springer Publishing Company, LLC, 2015. — 344 p. — ISBN 978-0-8261-2117-2.
Global health nursing-as a career or as a time-limited experience in personal and professional growth-is a rapidly growing specialty area. This unique book presents firsthand accounts from nurses at all professional levels, who share their life-changing experiences and insights with nurses interested in the global health arena. Written with compassion and humor, their stories emphasize the practical, challenging, and rewarding aspects of global health nursing. Contributors describe their motivation for working in global health, along with the rewards and challenges.
The authors discuss the importance of approaching global nursing with humility, respect, and appreciation for what they will learn from their colleagues. They describe how global health work has enhanced their ability to provide quality care to diverse populations, which include recent immigrants living in the United States. In addition to these vivid accounts, the book discusses the parameters of global health nursing, how to prepare for this nursing experience, key resources, global nursing research, and nurses as global health consultants. Woven throughout the book are descriptions of how these nurses have encouraged-through teaching and mentoring-the next generation of global health nurses. The book also provides coverage of domestic global health initiatives.
Key Features:
Presents firsthand accounts of the practical, challenging, and rewarding aspects of global health nursing
Describes assumptions challenged and lessons learned
Written for nurses at all stages of professional life
Discusses varied opportunities in global health nursing, which includes research and consulting
Covers domestic global health initiatives
Assists faculty to prepare themselves and their students for global health endeavors
Global Health Nursing in Clinical Practice: Determined to Make a Difference
An Unexpected Path: From Domestic Cancer Care to Global HIV Work
Patience, Understanding, and Advocacy: Scrubbing Babies in Africa
A Worthy Endeavor: A Very Determined Nurse Achieves Her Goal
A Nurse’s Conflict: Care Diverted During a Coup
Here Among Us: Caring for Migrant and Immigrant Patients in Rural United States
Therapeutic Communication: Bridging Cultural and Language Differences
Hope for a Changing System: Experiences of a Haitian Colleague
Comparing Health Systems: A Scottish Nurse Finds Herself in North Carolina
Missionary Nursing: Life Among an Indonesian Tribe
Global Health Nursing as an Avocation: A Passion for Doing More
Rising from the Ashes: Hospice, Health, and Holism in Sierra Leone
Resilience and Recovery: Mental Health Care in Postconflict Rwanda
Entre las Estrellas: Among the Stars
With Promises to Keep: Building Partnerships to Make a Difference
Changing Lives for the Better: A Week With Shared Beat in Guatemala
From Foot Soaks to Self-Care: A Nursing Response to Homelessness
Serving People Living With HIV/AIDS: A World of Difference
Global Health Nursing in Research and Consultation: Sharing Knowledge
With Real Heart: Nursing and Midwifery in Latin America
Mi Camino, Mis Compañeros: My Journey, My Colleagues
Do No Harm!: A WHO Nurse Looks Back
My Life Is an Adventure: It’s Not for the Faint Hearted—But It’s Worth It!
Nous sommes Ensemble: We are Together
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