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Kwok S. Organic Matter in the Universe

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Kwok S. Organic Matter in the Universe
Wiley-VCH, 2012. — 264 p. — ISBN 3527409866.
Authored by an experienced writer and a well-known researcher of stellar evolution, interstellar matter and spectroscopy, this unique treatise on the formation and observation of organic compounds in space includes a spectroscopy refresher, as well as links to geological findings and finishes with the outlook for future astronomical facilities and solar system exploration missions. A whole section on laboratory simulations includes the Miller-Urey experiment and the ultraviolet photolysis of ices.
History and Introduction
The Chemistry of Organic Matter
Interstellar Molecules
Organic Molecules in the Interstellar Medium
Organic Compounds in Galaxies
Synthesis of Organic Compounds in the Late Stages of Stellar Evolution
Organic Compounds in the Solar System
Organic Compounds as Carriers of Unsolved Astronomical Phenomena
Chemical Structures of Organic Matter in Space
Laboratory Simulations of Molecular Synthesis
Origin of Life on Earth
Lessons from the Past and Outlook for the Future
Astronomical Infrared and Submillimeter Spectroscopic Observational Facilities
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