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Glendon A. Ian, Clarke Sharon G., McKenna Eugene F. (eds.) Human Safety and Risk Management

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Glendon A. Ian, Clarke Sharon G., McKenna Eugene F. (eds.) Human Safety and Risk Management
2nd edition. — CRC Press, 2006. — 528 p. — ISBN 978-0849330902
Reflecting a decade’s worth of changes, Human Safety and Risk Management, Second Edition contains new chapters addressing safety culture and models of risk as well as an extensive re-working of the material from the earlier edition. Examining a wide range of approaches to risk, the authors define safety culture and review theoretical models that elucidate mechanisms linking safety culture with safety performance.Filled with practical examples and case studies and drawing on a range of disciplines, the book explores individual differences and the many ways in which human beings are alike within a risk and safety context. It delineates a risk management approach that includes a range of techniques such as risk assessment, safety audit, and safety interventions. The authors address concepts central to workplace safety such as attitudes and their link with behavior. They discuss managing behavior in work environments including key functions and benefits of groups, factors influencing team effectiveness, and barriers to effectiveness such as groupthink.
Risk models and risk management
From sensation and perception through motivation and behavior
Human error and human factors
Personality and risk liability
Attitudes, values, and risk behaviors
The role of stress in safety and risk
Managing teams for safe performance
Leading and supervising for safe performance
Managing human risks
Safety culture
Risk management— conclusions
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