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Noar Seth M., Harrington Nancy Grant (eds.) eHealth Applications: Promising Strategies for Behavior Change

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Noar Seth M., Harrington Nancy Grant (eds.) eHealth Applications: Promising Strategies for Behavior Change
Routledge, 2012. — 327 p. — ISBN 9780415888172
eHealth Applications: Promising Strategies for Behavior Change provides an overview of technological applications in contemporary health communication research, exploring the history and current uses of eHealth applications in disease prevention and management. This volume focuses on the use of these technology-based interventions for public health promotion and explores the rapid growth of an innovative interdisciplinary field.The chapters in this work discuss key eHealth applications by presenting research examining a variety of technology-based applications. Authors Seth M. Noar and Nancy Grant Harrington summarize the latest in eHealth research, including a range of computer, Internet, and mobile applications, and offer observations and reflections on this growing area, such as dissemination of programs and future directions for the study of interactive health communication and eHealth.Providing a timely and comprehensive review of current tools for health communication, eHealth Applications is a must-read for scholars, students, and researchers in health communication, public health, and health education.
Historical and Conceptual Foundations
eHealth applications: An Introduction and Overview
The Emergence of eHealth Applications
Interactivity: Conceptualizations, Effects, and Implications
eHealth Applications
Internet-Based Interventions For Health Behavior Change
Virtual Interactive Interventions For Reducing Risky Sex: Adaptations, Integrations, Innovations
Avatars For Health Behavior Change
Digital Games For Health Behavior Change: Research, Design, And Future Directions
Computer-Tailored Interventions For Improving Health Behaviors
Mobile Phones For Health Communication To Promote Behavior Change
Text Messaging Interventions For Chronic Disease Management And Health Promotion
Interactive Voice Response Technology For Chronic Disease Management
Practice Implications and Future Directions
Using Social Media To Enhance Health Communication Campaigns
Dissemination And Implementation Of ehealth Interventions
Health Information Technology Policy Issues: Relevance And Implications For ehealth Applications
Building An Evidence Base For ehealth Applications: Research Questions And Practice Implications
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