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Rosensweig R.E. Ferrohydrodynamics

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Rosensweig R.E. Ferrohydrodynamics
Mineola, New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 2014 (orig. Cambridge University Press, 1985). – 344 p. – (Dover Books on Physics). — ISBN 0486678342.
The behavior and dynamics of magnetic fluids receive a coherent, comprehensive treatment in this high-level study. One of the best classical introductions to the subject, the text covers most aspects of particle interaction, from magnetic repulsion to quasi-stable equilibriums and ferrohydrodynamic instabilities. Suitable for graduate students and researchers in physics, engineering, and applied mathematics.
Magnetic fluids
Electromagnetism and fields
Stress tensor and the equation of motion
The ferrohydrodynamic Bernoulli equation
Magnetocaloric energy conversion
Ferrohydrodynamic instabilities
Magnetic fluids and asymmetric stress
Magnetic two-phase flow
Vector and tensor notation
Application of the Maxwell stress tensor: analysis of a sheet jet
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