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Yamagishi A., Kakegawa T., Usui T. Astrobiology: From the Origins of Life to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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Yamagishi A., Kakegawa T., Usui T. Astrobiology: From the Origins of Life to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Singapore: Springer, 2019. — 454 p.
This book provides concise and cutting-edge reviews in astrobiology, a young and still emerging multidisciplinary field of science that addresses the fundamental questions of how life originated and diversified on Earth, whether life exists beyond Earth, and what is the future for life on Earth. Readers will find coverage of the latest understanding of a wide range of fascinating topics, including, for example, solar system formation, the origins of life, the history of Earth as revealed by geology, the evolution of intelligence on Earth, the implications of genome data, insights from extremophile research, and the possible existence of life on other planets within and beyond the solar system. Each chapter contains a brief summary of the current status of the topic under discussion, sufficient references to enable more detailed study, and descriptions of recent findings and forthcoming missions or anticipated research. Written by leading experts in astronomy, planetary science, geoscience, chemistry, biology, and physics, this insightful and thought-provoking book will appeal to all students and scientists who are interested in life and space.
Contents :

Front Matter
Front Matter
What Is Astrobiology?
Front Matter
Prebiotic Complex Organic Molecules in Space
Chemical Interactions Among Organics, Water, and Minerals in the Early Solar System
Prebiotic Synthesis of Bioorganic Compounds by Simulation Experiments
RNA Synthesis Before the Origin of Life
Front Matter
RNA World
The Common Ancestor of All Modern Life
Eukaryotes Appearing
Color of Photosynthetic Systems: Importance of Atmospheric Spectral Segregation Between Direct and Diffuse Radiation
Evolution of Photosynthetic System
Cosmolinguistics: Necessary Components for the Emergence of a Language-Like Communication System in a Habitable Planet
Evolution of Intelligence on the Earth
Front Matter
Formation of Planetary Systems
Evolution of Early Atmosphere
Biogenic and Abiogenic Graphite in Minerals and Rocks of the Early Earth
Cellular Microfossils and Possible Microfossils in the Paleo- and Mesoarchean
Great Oxidation Event and Snowball Earth
End-Paleozoic Mass Extinction: Hierarchy of Causes and a New Cosmoclimatological Perspective for the Largest Crisis
Mass Extinction at the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) Boundary
Front Matter
Limits of Terrestrial Life and Biosphere
What Geology and Mineralogy Tell Us About Water on Mars
Atmosphere of Mars
The Search for Life on Mars
Active Surface and Interior of Europa as a Potential Deep Habitat
Enceladus: Evidence and Unsolved Questions for an Ice-Covered Habitable World
Astrobiology on Titan: Geophysics to Organic Chemistry
Panspermia Hypothesis: History of a Hypothesis and a Review of the Past, Present, and Future Planned Missions to Test This Hypothesis
Extrasolar Planetary Systems
How to Search for Possible Bio-signatures on Earth-Like Planets: Beyond a Pale Blue Dot
SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
Possible Cultural Impact of Extraterrestrial Life, if It Were to Be Found
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