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Helmholtz H. Popular Scientific Lectures

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Helmholtz H. Popular Scientific Lectures
Dover Pubs., 1962. — 286 pp.
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (1821-94) was one of the intellectual giants of the nineteen th century. W. K. Clifford, a leading contemporary mathematician, described Helmholtz as "the physiologist" who learned physics for the sake of his physiology, and mathematics for the sake of his physics, and is now in the first rank of all three." The following essays give some indication of Helmholtz's breadth of interests and reveal still another facet of his genius: his gift for popularization.
Introduction (by Morris Kline).
On Goethe's Scientific Researches.
On the Physiological Causes of Harmony in Music.
On the Interaction of Natural Forces.
The Recent Progress of the Theory of Vision.
On the Conservation of Force.
On the Origin and Significance of Geometrical Axioms.
On the Relation of Optics to Painting.
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