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Barbaro P., Bianchini C. (Eds.). Catalysis for Sustainable Energy Production

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Barbaro P., Bianchini C. (Eds.). Catalysis for Sustainable Energy Production
Wiley-VCH, 2009. — 463 p. — ISBN 3527320954.
This first book to focus on the topic serves as a basis for defining a roadmap for the role of catalysis in energy production. As such, this ready reference for researchers and engineers covers all the hot topics from a broad perspective - fuel cells, hydrogen production and storage, methane storage and industrial catalysis.
With its analysis of new directions and opportunities in the area and its integration of industrial, governmental and academic points of view, this is a real must-have for everyone interested in "greener" energy production.
Fuel Cells.
The Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell: a Challenge to Convert Bioethanol Cleanly into Electric Energy.
Performance of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells for Portable Power Applications.
Selective Synthesis of Carbon Nanofibers as Better Catalyst Supports for Low-temperature Fuel Cells.
Towards Full Electric Mobility: Energy and Power Systems.
Hydrogen Storage.
Materials for Hydrogen Storage.
H2 and Hydrogen Vectors Production.
Catalyst Design for Reforming of Oxygenates.
Electrocatalysis in Water Electrolysis.
Energy from Organic Waste: Influence of the Process Parameters on the Production of Methane and Hydrogen.
Natural Gas Autothermal Reforming: an Effective Option for a Sustainable Distributed Production of Hydrogen.
Industrial Catalysis for Sustainable Energy.
The Use of Catalysis in the Production of High-quality Biodiesel.
Photovoltaics – Current Trends and Vision for the Future.
Catalytic Combustion for the Production of Energy.
Catalytic Removal of NOx Under Lean Conditions from Stationary and Mobile Sources.
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