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Kharchenko V., Vasant P. Renewable Energy and Power Supply Challenges for Rural Regions

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Kharchenko V., Vasant P. Renewable Energy and Power Supply Challenges for Rural Regions
Hershey, USA: IGI Global, 2019. — 459 p. — (Advances in Computer and Electrical Engineering (ACEE) Book Series). — ISBN-10 1522591796.
Access to power and electricity is a vital resource for businesses and for sustaining the livelihood of consumers. However, producing reliable and renewable energy and distributing it in rural areas can be challenging. Such activities require special technical support measures for organizing a highly efficient and cost-effective production process.
Renewable Energy and Power Supply Challenges for Rural Regions provides innovative insights into energy production, consumption, and distribution in rural regions and examines sustainable and renewable power sources. The content within this publication explores such topics as renewable energy, electrical network, and thermal energy storage. It is designed for electricians, policymakers, state officials, professionals, researchers, and academicians.
Table of Contents
Solar Concentrators: Solar Modules Based on Holographic Films
Tools and Methods of Information Support for the Development of Renewable Energy
Electrical and Heat Power Production Using the Products of Air Conversion of Motor Diesel Fuel
and Electrochemical Generator for Agricultural Consumers
Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Photovoltaic Systems Operating Under Conditions of Uneven
Materials and Methods of Thermal Energy Storage in Power Supply Systems
Creating a Synergy: Renewable Energy to Develop the Russian Arctic
Renewable Energy Sources Development in Rural Areas of African Countries
Designing Solar Power Plant Due to Consumer Load Schedule, Solar Energy Potential, and Electricity Prime Cost
The Exploitation of Wind Systems in Rural Electrical Network
Factors Affecting the Power-Efficient Operation of Wind-Diesel Complexes
Strategies for Protection Systems of Wind Turbines With Doubly Fed Induction Generator: Control Strategies and Techniques for Fault Ride Through of Doubly Fed Induction Wind Generator
Energy and Water Saving on the Pumping Stations of Karshi Main Canal
Improving the Power Quality of Rural Consumers by Means of Electricity Cost Adjustment
Resonant Power System for Electric Transport
Methods of Reducing the Power Supply Outage Time of Rural Consumers
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