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Osprey Campaign №208. Ron Field. Petersburg 1864-65 - The longest siege

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Osprey Campaign №208. Ron Field. Petersburg 1864-65 - The longest siege
Illustrator: Peter Dennis. — Osprey Publishing, 2009. — 96 p.
In 1864 General Ulysses S. Grant decided to strangle the life out of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia by surrounding the city of Petersburg and cutting off General Robert E. Lee's supply lines. The ensuing siege would carry on for nearly ten months, involve 160,000 soldiers, and see a number of pitched battles including the Battle of the Crater, Reams Station, Hatcher's Run, and White Oak Road. After nearly ten months, Grant launched an attack that sent the Confederate army scrambling back to Appomattox Court House where it would soon surrender. Written by an expert on the American Civil War, this book examines the last clash between the armies of U.S. Grant and Robert E. Lee.
Origins of the campaign Chronology Opposing commanders Opposing armies Orders of battle Opposing Plans The campaign and siege The battles Aftermath The battlefield today Further reading
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