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Anabasis. Studia Classica et Orientalia 2010 №01

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Anabasis. Studia Classica et Orientalia 2010 №01
Rzeszów, Poland: University of Rzeszów, 2010. — 316 p. — ISSN 2082-8993.

Studia Classica et Orientalia i
s an interdisciplinary refereed periodical devoted to the study of the Eastern Mediterranean world, Western and Central Asia in antiquity, carrying coverage of history, archaeology, numismatics, literature, and religious research. Publishing articles, notes and communications of the highest academic standard, it also features an extensive book reviews section. Particularly welcomed are essays presenting new insights, recent discoveries, and articles synthesizing the current state of research. Geographical coverage is the eastern Mediterranean basin, the Black Sea area, the Caucasus, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Much attention is paid to the relations between the Graeco-Roman and Oriental civilizations as well as to ancient Iranian studies.
Marek Jan Olbrycht. Józef Wolski 1910–2008; An Epitaph.
Muhammad A. Dandamayev. Šūzubu, a Citizen of Uruk in the Sixth Century B.C.
Boris A. Litvinskii. Problems of the History and Culture of Baktria in Light of Archaeological Excavations in Central Asia.
Tom Boiy. Between the royal administration and local elite: the pāhātu in Hellenistic Babylonia as epistates?
Jeffrey D. Lerner. Revising the Chronologies of the Hellenistic Colonies of Samarkand-Marakanda (Afrasiab II–III) and Aï Khanoum (northeastern Afghanistan).
Eduard V. Rtveladze. The Great Indian Road: India – Central Asia – Transcaucasia.
Igor V. Piankov. The Tochari – Who Are They?
Aleksei Gorin. Parthian Coins from Kampyrtepa.
Jérôme Gaslain. Mithridates Ier et Suse.
Marek Jan Olbrycht. The Early Reign of Mithradates II the Great in Parthia.
Vladimir A. Livshits. The Avroman Parchment III in Parthian.
Valentina Mordvintseva. Tillya-tepe gold jewellery and its relation to the Sarmatian Animal Style of the Northern Black Sea area.
Martin Schottky. Armenische Arsakiden zur Zeit der Antonine. Ein Beitrag zur Korrektur der armenischen Königsliste.
Dieter Metzler. Arsakiden und andere parthische Fürsten als Anhänger fremder Religionen.
Touraj Daryaee. Ardaxšīr and the Sasanians’ Rise to Power.
Daryoush Akbarzadeh. A New Collection of Sasanian Coins in the National Museum of Iran.
Valerii P. Nikonorov. “Like a Certain Tornado of Peoples”: Warfare of the European Huns in the Light of Graeco-Latin Literary Tradition.
Hubertus von Gall. Ein Kopf des Darius am ehemaligen Postfuhramt in Berlin.
M. Schottky.
Edward Dąbrowa (ed.), Studies on the Greek and Roman Military History (Electrum. Studies in Ancient History 14), Jagiellonian University Press, Kraków 2008.
M.J. Olbrycht, R.S. Wójcikowski.
V.A. Zavialov, Kushanshahr pri Sasanidakh. Po materialam raskopok na gorodishche Zartepa (Kushanshahr under the Sasanians. On the results of excavations of the Zartepa site), Fakul’tet filologii i iskusstv Sankt-Peterburskogo gosudarstvennogo Universiteta, Sankt-Peterburg 2008.
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