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Osprey Campaign №176. Justin Clement. Philadelphia 1777 - Taking the capital

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Osprey Campaign №176. Justin Clement. Philadelphia 1777 - Taking the capital
Illustrator: Stephen Walsh. — Osprey Publishing. 2007. — 96 p.
A turning point in the War of Independence, the campaign for Philadelphia set in motion a series of events leading to the defeat of the British and eventual independence for the emerging American nation. From the landing of General William Howe's army at the head of the Elk River, to his eventual capture of Philadelphia, the campaign included some fascinating battles. The initial engagement at Brandywine, the Paoli Massacre and the missed opportunity at Germantown are all examined in detail by Justin Clement, with supporting maps, original artwork and photographs. Recently discovered information about the battle of Brandywine and analysis of the major personalities involved completes this comprehensive account.
The Road to Philadelphia Chronology The Staging Ground - The Opposing Commanders The Opposing Forces Head of Elk - Brandywine Paoli - Germantown The Delaware Forts Aftermath The Battle Sites Today Bibliography Index
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