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Maksimović M., Omanović-Mikličanin E., Badnjević A. Nanofood and Internet of Nano Things: For the Next Generation of Agriculture and Food Sciences

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Springer, 2019. — 181 p. — ISBN 3030150534.
Эта книга оценивает текущие проблемы и возможности следующего поколения науки пищи и сельского хозяйства.
This book assesses the current challenges and opportunities for the next generation of agriculture and food science. Examining the role of nanotechnology and the application of related tools and techniques to transform the future of food, it also discusses in detail nanotechnology in food production, processing and packaging, as well as the benefits of and concerns regarding nanofoods (nanotoxicity and food forensics).
Considering the potential of IoT to revolutionize agriculture and the food industry by radically reducing costs and improving productivity and profits, the book highlights the necessity of integrating IoT and nanotechnology into the next generation of agriculture and food science. Further, it presents a detailed analysis of IoNT implementation, together with the goals that have to be met in order to achieve significant improvements in the agri-food sector. In addition it explores a range of challenges, risks, and concerns that have a direct or indirect impact on nanotechnology and IoNT implementation in agriculture and the food industry. In closing, it discusses the use of green nanotechnology and green IoNT in order to create smart, safe, and sustainable agriculture and healthy food.
What Food Do We Want to Eat? Is Nanofood Food of Our Future?
How Technology Can Help?
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
Internet of Things (IoT)
The Role of Nanotechnology and IoNT in Agriculture and Food Sector
Is Nanofood Safe?
Food Forensic
Regulatory Issues of Nanotechnology Use in the Agri-Food Industry
Risks and Challenges of IoNT Applications in Agriculture and Food Industry
Green Nanotechnology
Green IoNT
Solutions for IoNT Risks
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