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Pappas Charles. Flying Cars, Zombie Dogs, and Robot Overlords

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Pappas Charles. Flying Cars, Zombie Dogs, and Robot Overlords
Lyons Press, 2017. — 264 р. —ISBN 978-1630762391.
Every time you plug your phone into a wall socket, flick on a TV, withdraw money from an ATM, lick an ice-cream cone, switch on a computer, ride an escalator, play a DVR, watch a movie about dinosaurs, get fingerprinted, or pop a tranquilizer, you're doing something that originated at a world's fair or trade expo.
And yet it's a world invisible to most.
In fact, each new technology and every novel product that rocked America and rolled the world, from the Colt revolver and the Corvette to fax machines and flush toilets, started at trade fairs, a $100 billion industry that includes world expos, trade shows, and state fairs.
More than just promoting material things, trade fairs popularized and evangelized every social movement and cultural concept, too, including Manifest Destiny, the closing of the frontier, Nudism, Nazism, Fascism, eugenics, female suffrage, temperance, and technocracy
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