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Morris Dennis. Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction

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Morris Dennis. Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction
Dulles (Virginia) e.a.: Mercury Learning and Information, 2017. — XVI + 310 p. — ISBN 978-1-9422707-9-9.
This book is a slow-paced introduction to quantum mechanics for undergraduates and interested laypersons. The presentation is both reader-friendly and complete. The first four chapters cover the conceptual and philosophical aspects of quantum mechanics, before the next eleven chapters gently present the mathematics underlying the subject. After an easy chapter on the history of the theory, the whole of quantum mechanics is then presented in one chapter. This is followed by applications of the theory and a revision chapter, before we go beyond undergraduate level to briefly look ahead at relativistic quantum theory.
The Place of Quantum Mechanics in Modern Physics.
The Dynamic Variables in Quantum Mechanics.
Wave Particle Duality, Superposition, and Non-Locality.
Complex Numbers, Wave Equations, and the Momentum Operator.
An End to Determinism.
The Newtonian Wave Equation.
Linear Spaces and Inner Products.
Operators, Eigenfunctions, and Eigenvalues.
The Place of Operators in Quantum Mechanics.
Commutation Relations in Quantum Mechanics.
Angular Momentum and the Position Operators.
A Note on Entanglement.
Expectation Value and Standard Deviation.
The History of Quantum Mechanics.
Quantum Mechanics — An Overview.
Basic Formulae.
De Broglie Waves Lead to the Momentum Operator.
The Hamiltonian and Schrödinger’s Equations.
Boundary Conditions on Eigenfunctions.
Wave Mechanics - the Schrödinger Equation.
Solving the TISE in Several Potentials.
The Free Particle Solution of the TISE.
The Infinite Square Well Solution of the TDSE.
The Step Potential.
The 3-Dimensional Box and Degeneracy.
The Simple Harmonic Oscillator.
Angular Momentum.
The Stern—Gerlach Experiment.
Intrinsic Spin.
A Revision of the Structure of Quantum Mechanics.
A Strange Aspect of Intrinsic Spin.
Identical Particles.
The Hydrogen Atom.
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics.
Appendix. The Postulates of Quantum Mechanics.
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