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Binder F., Correa L.A., Gogolin C., Anders J., Adesso G. (Eds.) Thermodynamics in the Quantum Regime: Fundamental Aspects and New Directions

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Binder F., Correa L.A., Gogolin C., Anders J., Adesso G. (Eds.) Thermodynamics in the Quantum Regime: Fundamental Aspects and New Directions
Springer, 2018. — 985 p. — (Fundamental Theories of Physics 195). — ISBN 978-3-319-99045-3.
Quantum Thermodynamics is a novel research field which explores the emergence of thermodynamics from quantum theory and addresses thermodynamic phenomena which appear in finite-size, non-equilibrium and finite-time contexts. Blending together elements from open quantum systems, statistical mechanics, quantum many-body physics, and quantum information theory, it pinpoints thermodynamic advantages and barriers emerging from genuinely quantum properties such as quantum coherence and correlations. Owing to recent experimental efforts, the field is moving quickly towards practical applications, such as nano-scale heat devices, or thermodynamically optimised protocols for emergent quantum technologies.
Starting from the basics, the present volume reviews some of the most recent developments, as well as some of the most important open problems in quantum thermodynamics. The self-contained chapters provide concise and topical introductions to researchers who are new to the field. Experts will find them useful as a reference for the current state-of-the-art. In six sections the book covers topics such as quantum heat engines and refrigerators, fluctuation theorems, the emergence of thermodynamic equilibrium, thermodynamics of strongly coupled systems, as well as various information theoretic approaches including Landauer's principle and thermal operations. It concludes with a section dedicated to recent quantum thermodynamics experiments and experimental prospects on a variety of platforms ranging from cold atoms to photonic systems, and NV centres.
Table of contents
Introduction to Quantum Thermodynamics: History and Prospects
Thermodynamic Principles and Implementations of Quantum Machines
Performance of Quantum Thermodynamic Cycles
Quantum Features and Signatures of Quantum Thermal Machines
Friction-Free Quantum Machines
Physical Implementations of Quantum Absorption Refrigerators
Quantum Thermodynamics of Nanoscale Thermoelectrics and Electronic Devices
Quantum Batteries
Quantum Rotor Engines
Quantum Fluctuation Theorems
Fluctuating Work in Coherent Quantum Systems: Proposals and Limitations
The Coherent Crooks Equality
The Role of Quantum Work Statistics in Many-Body Physics
Ancilla-Assisted Measurement of Quantum Work
Work, Heat and Entropy Production Along Quantum Trajectories
Characterizing Irreversibility in Open Quantum Systems
Dynamical Typicality for Initial States with a Preset Measurement Statistics of Several Commuting Observables
Equilibration Times in Closed Quantum Many-Body Systems
Nonequilibrium Many-Body Quantum Dynamics: From Full Random Matrices to Real Systems
Properties of Thermal Quantum States: Locality of Temperature, Decay of Correlations, and More
Quantum Thermometry
Hamiltonian of Mean Force for Strongly-Coupled Systems
The Reaction Coordinate Mapping in Quantum Thermodynamics
Hierarchical Equations of Motion Approach to Quantum Thermodynamics
Cooling to Absolute Zero: The Unattainability Principle
Resource Theory of Quantum Thermodynamics: Thermal Operations and Second Laws
One-Shot Information-Theoretical Approaches to Fluctuation Theorems
The Second Law and Beyond in Microscopic Quantum Setups
Information Erasure
Trade-Off Between Work and Correlations in Quantum Thermodynamics
Quantum Thermodynamics with Multiple Conserved Quantities
Smooth Entropy in Axiomatic Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics from Information
One-Dimensional Atomic Superfluids as a Model System for Quantum Thermodynamics
Single Particle Thermodynamics with Levitated Nanoparticles
Single Atom Heat Engine in a Tapered Ion Trap
Quantum Thermodynamics in a Single-Electron Box
Probing Quantum Fluctuations of Work with a Trapped Ion
Maxwell’s Demon in Photonic Systems
Maxwell’s Demon in Superconducting Circuits
NV Color Centers in Diamond as a Platform for Quantum Thermodynamics
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