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Pehcevski J. (Ed.) Big Data Analytics: Methods and Applications

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Pehcevski J. (Ed.) Big Data Analytics: Methods and Applications
Oakville, Canada: Arcler Pres, 2019. — 430 p. — ISBN 1773615041.
Big Data Analytics - Methods and Applications is a comprehensive book that examines various big data modelling and analytics approaches, infrastructure and security issues in analysis of big data, applications of big data in business, finance and management. Provides the readers with insights on methodology and applications of Big Data Analytics so as to understand the practical use of big data analytics along with the opportunities and challenges faced during the course.

Big Data Modeling And Analytics Approaches
Big Data: Survey, Technologies, Opportunities, and Challenges
Data Modeling and Data Analytics: A Survey from a Big Data Perspective
Building A Productive Domain-Specific Cloud For Big Data Processing And Analytics Service
Unified Platform For AI and Big Data Analytics
Semantic Recognition of a Data Structure in Big-Data
Infrastructure And Security Issues In Big Data Analytics
Cloud Computing And Big Data: A Review Of Current Service
Models And Hardware Perspectives
Towards The Development Of Best Data Security For Big Data
Risk Analysis Technique On Inconsistent Interview Big Data Based On Rough Set Approach
Development of Multiple Big Data Analytics Platforms With Rapid Response
Big Data Applications In Business, Finance And Management
Big Data, Big Change: In The Financial Management
The Mechanism of “Big Data” Impact on Consumer Behavior
Non-Intrusive Context Aware Transactional Framework To Derive
Business Insights On Big Data
Big Data Usage In The Marketing Information System
Real World Applications Of Big Data (Healthcare, Smart City)
Big Data Analytics In Healthcare
Big Data Analytics In Immunology: A Knowledge-Based Approach
Using Distributed Data Over Hbase In Big Data Analytics Platform For Clinical Services
Big Data Analytics Embedded Smart City Architecture For Performance Enhancement Through Real-Time Data Processing And Decision-Making
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