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Lennon John. In His Own Write

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Lennon John. In His Own Write
Simon & Schuster, 2000. — 77 p.
This is a nonsensical book by John Lennon first published in 1964. It consists of short stories and poems, and line drawings, often surreal in nature.
Partly Dave.
No Flies on Frank.
Good Dog Nigel.
At the Denis.
The Fat Growth on Eric Hearble.
The Wrestling Dog.
Randolf's Party.
The Famous Five through Woenow Abbey.
Sad Michael.
I Wandered.
A Letter.
Scene three Act one.
Treasure Ivan.
All Abord Speeching.
The Fingletoad Resort of Teddiviscious.
Alec Speaking.
You Might Well Arsk.
Nicely Nicely Olive.
Neville Club.
The Moldy Moldy Man.
On Safairy with Whide Hunter.
I Sat Belonely.
Henry and Harry.
Deaf Ted, Danoota, (and me).
A Suprise for Little Bobby.
Halbut Returb.
Unhappy Frank.
On this Churly Morn.
Victor Triumphs Again and Mrs. Weatherby Learns a Lesson.
I Remember Arnold.
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